Berit Kristoffersen and I was invited over to the 29th Leeds International Film Festival to show some clips and talk a bit about our documentary Parallax as a part of the festival's Arctic Encounters program. The clips will serve as a teaser and will precede the full length documentary Dreamland by Britt Kramvig and Rachel Gomez. PL219 is produced by Rodeo Film & Arctic Encounters. Contact me for a password-protected link to the pilot.

FIELD: PROCESS - An excerpt from a day in two Norwegian coastal fishermen's lives

Field: Process is an audio-visual installation, exploring two coastal fishermen's daily life. We meet two brothers who preserve a thousand-year-long fishing tradition in Lofoten where the ties and dependence between nature, people and society are maintained through generations of inherited practices. These practices are under pressure from several developments that supersede and neglect the knowledge they carry: young people move away from the coastal fishing in search of other possibilities, popular culture worship urbanism, fishing policy worship the rationalization logic - and the petroleum industry pushes for new areas to develop. People live their lives in the midst of these processes. Ivar and Henrik bought a boat, they are renovating their house and fight for the survival of their kids' school.

Henrik & Ivar Myklebust

The exhibition is an installation that takes the observer into the fishing fields of Lofoten. The interactivity of the installation gives the passive observer an opportunity to become an active participant, by manipulating and controlling the every day routine of the fishermen. By composing the images, sounds and activities of a fisherman’s day, the participant may get the feeling of the rhythm and intensity of a lifestyle.

A wooden pedestal with nine buttons for the audience to jam with the gridded video clips.

FIELD is collaboration between researchers and artists, exploring different approaches and new forms of communication through images, audio, video and text. FIELD: Process is the first exhibition in a series with PhD candidates Berit Kristoffersen (geography/political science) and Brigt Dale (anthropology/political science) from University of Tromsø, photographer and video-artist Carsten Aniksdal based in Oslo, and sound-artist Elin “Sunshine” Vister based in Kjerringøy. One of the major themes in FIELD is how the interaction between humans and nature shapes how we perceive resource harvesting and extraction. Another is the spatial and political inclusions and exclusions that the conflict regarding petroleum development in the Lofoten region generates.

FIELD: Process is made with support from PLAN and the University of Oslo.


A research trip to Røst, Norway in 2010 resulted amongst other in these five video-stills.